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Assemblers, Inc. has been around since 1997. The company started with two employees at a Lowe’s Home Improvement Store in Chattanooga, TN. We now employ thousands of technicians yearly and service hundreds of clients which represent thousands of store and residential locations throughout North America. We are the pioneer in the industry, setting the standard for technology and innovation as well as providing customizable service programs.

The Assemblers, Inc. top-quality service comes from a firm understanding of what makes “big box” retailers thrive. Mike Giaccone was hired by The Home Depot in 1985. He quickly became one of the youngest store managers in The Home Depot history at the age of 23 allowing him to master customer service, sales, merchandising and management skills as he climbed the corporate ladder. After 10 years with The Home Depot and a two year stint at Lowe's Home Improvement, Giaccone realized the demand for assembled merchandise displays was growing. Assembled grills, mowers, patio furniture and so on sold better than their non-assembled counterparts. Assembly service companies were already in place, but they simply did not meet the needs of the stores Giaccone was currently managing. So, he created a company that would.

Relationship building, partnerships, store walks and scalable staffing were the cornerstones of what would become Assemblers, Inc. We empower our retail customers to market their products and drive sales, and we provide our residential customers with the best assembly, delivery and installation services available. Whether the customer is a retail store or an individual residential customer, Assemblers, Inc. will strive to ensure that each customer is completely satisfied with the service they receive.

Job Description

General Overview of Position:

The position of Assembly Technician reports to the Area Manager and is responsible to provide high quality merchandise assembly, installation, and service work at customer locations. 
Position Responsibilities: 

Assemble all products according to manufacturer’s directions and specifications.  

Communicate with Area Manager at the beginning and end of each shift. 

Use time clock as required to record time. 

Check in with appropriate contact at customer location. 

Complete work tasks as indicated by the work list or customer. 

Complete repairs as necessary. 

Order parts using the on line order system. 

Work in a safe and clean manner. 

Be aware of customers in the area and work accordingly. 

Stage assembled product in a neat and orderly fashion. 

Dispose of trash as dictated by the customer. 

Complete required information for invoice purposes. 

Update customer status as required. 

Other duties and/or tasks may be assigned on an as needed basis.
Position Requirements: 

Excellent customer service and communication skills. 

Must provide own tools. 

Ability to work independently. 

Ability to reach and maintain prescribed productivity levels for assembly. 

Reliable transportation. 

Maintain an acceptable attendance record. 

Required availability including evenings, weekends, and holidays. 

Ability to provide an acceptable background screen. 

Ability to pass a drug screen.
Essential Job Functions: 

Ability to repeatedly lift and carry up to 50 lbs. 

Ability to stand and walk for long periods of time and periodically climb up and down stairs. 

Ability to work exposed to outside temperatures. 

Frequently bending, kneeling and reaching. 

Ability to use hands and fingers to assemble small parts and calibrate precise measurements. 

Ability to effectively communicate in English, both written and oral.

Piece work commission/Non-Exempt. 

Career Tech bonus. 

Annual performance appraisals.

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