Entry Level Financial Advisor

WFG: World Financial Group

San Diego, CA

Think about the last conversation you had with your boss. Was it great? Was it inspiring? Was it full of uplifting thoughts about how your boss only wants the best for you?

No, probably not. Most likely, it was about what your boss needs you to do next to make money for the company and make your boss look good to the supervisors.

That’s not a message of freedom. And it doesn’t give much hope for owning your future down the road.

If you’re not earning the level of income that provides for your own savings, security, and asset development, you may be having these same conversations with your boss for a very long time.

But I have a message about the opportunity that’s waiting for you at WFG that's all about your freedom. Imagine the feeling of building your own team. Being your own boss. Imagine finally being able to help people in ways that never even occur to your boss now.

Job Description

Strong business candidates with the following characteristics will be highly sought after for firm expansion.


-Ability to lead, train and mentor peers.

-Self motivated and goal oriented in life and career.

-Strong networking/communication skills

-Professional and ability to learn quickly


Qualified resumes will be contacted ONLY to schedule an interview and further discussion of position details

NOTES: Financial/medical investments & retirement are involved, on the job training is given as well as incentive packages.


Ability for full time/ part time. Military background is a plus.

How to Apply

By Email: alpenritch84@gmail.com

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